Key Cutting Near Me – Available 24/7

As a UK mobile locksmith who’s open 24/7, 365 days of the year, we offer a key cutting service all year round. So, whether you require a new set of keys for your home or business, we’ll get the job done.

We’ll often cut keys whilst you wait, but if you have a large amount, we’ll cut them at our offices.

Key Duplication Service

My team and I can cut various keys, but we do not do replacement car keys. Here are some examples of the range of key coping we do.

  • Euro cylinder keys
  • Mortice locks
  • Cabinet keys
  • Window keys
  • Padlock
  • Mul-t-lock
  • Yale
  • Locker keys
  • Security key providing proof of ownership is provided
  • Some security keys (Avocet ABS) will require 24 – 48 hrs and the code

We may even need to ask for ID.

key duplicator near work

Accuracy in Copying Replacement Keys

My locksmiths and I are experts in locksmithing, which includes cutting keys. Having cut thousands of keys over the years, we have the experience to get it right the first time.

The team maintain our key copying machines and equipment to the highest standard, replacing the key cutters (blades) at the right time. Thus ensuring we provide superior service to customers.

Low-Quality House Replacement Key Copy

Please be careful in choosing a keycutter near you by price. Our emergency locksmiths service is often required when owners get locked-out of their homes or businesses, even with the right key.

This happens when they have the new cut key, which has been made without precision and doesn’t work.

So, please always test your new key both from inside and out. If it’s not smooth, take it back and get a refund. 

key replacement near me

Quality Assurance

Our prices reflect the blank keys we use; the suppliers ensure that the blanks are made from quality metal. Keys cut from cheap, low-grade metal have a higher chance of snapping in the lock.

Keys snapping in locks is a common cause for people being locked out of a property.

Be Cautious of Using Machines

At your local DIY store/shop, you may have noticed automatic key cutting machines that will duplicate your key in three mins.

The charges are reasonable, and they can cut keys for mortice and cylinder locks. However, the cut area is often left sharp, leading to finger cuts if you touch them.

We often use a hand file to smooth any shape edges.

key duplication nearby

We are not convinced by the accuracy, as we often attend lockouts where the house key has been duplicated by a machine and does not work.

So, please look for your local locksmith for your key replacement requirements, as they will be able to cut all types of keys and will have full access to a wide variety of blanks.

Your nearest locksmith will also be able to answer any questions and address any issues. Technology is great, but sometimes dealing with a human is better.