Residential Door Realignment

Smooth and Secure

If you have a misaligned door within your property, you are most likely to agree that it is not only inconvenient, but time-consuming too. There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to close or lock your door.

Here at The Lock Father (locksmith Chelmsford), we can realign both internal and external doors.  With UPVC doors we will realign the door which is known in the trade as ‘toe and heel’.  Some companies will only adjust the door on its hinges, which will work for a short period of time but will soon return to original stiffness.  By doing the job correctly the door will last a lot longer and also preserve your lock.

For wood doors, we would adjusting the way your door swings on its hinges, you will find your door is far easier to open and close and that the latch set is level, enabling an easy locking facility.

Leaving your door misaligned for too long will cause your door to deteriorate, due to the door-to-frame friction caused each time you try to open and close it. You are likely to notice that where the friction occurs, your door will be worn.

The wearing away of your door may impact on the level of light that shines through the barrier of the doorway; it will also most-likely impact on securing your door as the lock functionality may no longer align. For this reason, door re-alignment is required to ensure the level of security within your home is not being threatened.

In order to realign your door, the hinges will need to be removed and a chisel will be utilised to adjust the size of the door, where applicable. We will study the door-to-frame relationship to determine whether the top or the bottom of the door requires trimming.

The door will be removed from the frame, which will require the extracting of hinge pins, whilst the hinge plates will need to be removed from their positions also. We will work to ensure that the distance between the door and the frame is correct.

After adjustments have taken place, the hinges will be reinstalled and the door will be re-hung, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of an aligned door once again. You can trust that our skilled locksmiths will not leave your premises until your door opens and closes smoothly.


✅ Full realignment service

✅ Corrects weak security

✅ Years of experience

✅ Fully equipped