With the traveller season well and truly in swing and many groups moving from site to site, securing private land is clearly a priority for many land owners. The upcoming bank holiday weekend is often especially busy when it comes to traveller movement too.

Just 2 years ago official statistics showed that the total number of traveller caravans in England had dramatically increased by 28 per cent since 2006. My own experience tells me that this rise hasn’t slowed.

The Lock Father regularly works with leading enforcement agencies them in securing private land to prevent trespassers of all types.

Cutting through iron fencing and then re-welding it together to secure a site is not something that your usual locksmith has to deal with but here at The Lock Father it’s just another day in our specialist services to the enforcement sector.

And yes, this is exactly what we had to do on a recent job for a large Southern based enforcement company to secure a section of land owned by the local Council. The land in question had been subject to trespassers previously so needed to be secured properly.

We attended and proceeded to cut through the wrought iron fencing to allow a large JCB digger onto the land. The JCB then dug a trench around the internal perimeter to prevent unwanted trespassing vehicles from entering the land. The JCB then exited and the fencing was re-welded shut to further maximise security.

Some of the equipment used included a high-power petrol grinder and a mobile power welder equipped with a Honda engine generator. Very few locksmiths carry kit like this.

This equipment is not limited to fencing though and is regularly used on entry to property with metal shutters or doors which can then be secured through welding upon exit.

So, with our significant experience, competitive pricing, and prompt response times when it comes to expert locksmith services for the enforcement sector in the South East, please do not hesitate to contact The Lock Father on 01245 701139 or 07716 746 968 or by email at info@thelockfather.co.uk

Andrew Marsh, Director

The Lock Father