When it comes to an Enforcement Agent gaining entry to a property, for either repossession or eviction, having a locksmith with the right tools for the job can often be overlooked. This can often be because the client has provided their own locksmith.

As a former Enforcement Agent of 10 years personally, I know only too well the disappointment when the client’s supposed ‘locksmith’ turns up with a chisel and a hammer.

Only last week I was advised of an eviction where after 20 minutes of trying, the client’s locksmith (it was actually his builder) realised he wasn’t going to gain entry to a property had to go down to local DIY store to buy some more tools.

Not only did this add an extra hour and a half to the job, it meant that the occupants were now fully aware of the Enforcement Agents imminent forced entry. Where the client had tried to save money by using this ill-equipped locksmith it ended up costing them more in time.

And as we know, having the element of surprise is valuable in evictions, preventing time for barricades and booby traps and also reduces the likelihood of resistance and violence from occupants. My experience is that sleepy squatters are far less dangerous than wide awake ones!

When it came to my own starting my own locksmith business, The Lock Father, I invested heavily in having the right equipment for any job. This ranges from slip cards and diamond cut drills to battering rams, petrol grinders and the hydraulic ‘jaws of life’.

This equipment has even drawn compliment from the Police who attended a large eviction I worked on recently. “Our own entry team could do with some of your gear” said one Officer.

But not all jobs require the use of such specialist equipment. For many residential repossessions, entering with the minimal of damage to the door and frame is very important, especially to a landlord client. Again, The Lock Father carries the right equipment for such matters.

So, when it comes to expert locksmith services for any enforcement matter in the South East, please do not hesitate to contact The Lock Father on 01245 701139 or 07716 746 968.

Andrew Marsh


The Lock Father